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Partir au pair aux Etats-Unis

Profils de familles

Vous envisagez de partir au pair aux USA et vous êtes curieuse de connaître à quoi pourrait ressembler votre famille d'accueil ?

Vous trouverez ci-après quelques exemples de familles. Ces familles ne sont pas à la recherche de jeunes filles au pair, ce ne sont que des exemples.

Lansing, Michigan – The Collins Family

We have been on the Au Pair in America program for two years and are now searching for our
next au pair. We are interested in bringing an au pair into our home for the help she can bring to our busy family, but also for the opportunity to share different life experiences with us and our children. We are a close and outgoing family
and we think our home is a comfortable environment for someone interested in experiencing life in America. In return, we would expect that our au pair would be respectful of our values and our household, and teach our children to be the same.
My wife and I are both Employment Advisors and in our mid thirties. We have four lovely boys aged 2, 3, 7 and 9. They all have very different personalitiesand very different schedules, hence the reason for an au pair. Our two youngest go to
playgroup 3 days a week and would stay with you
for the other two days. While they are at playgroup, you will have free time. The University
is about 15 minutes away and there are also several Community Colleges in the area. The two older boys go to the same private school which they travel to by bus. The famous yellow school bus stops outside our house, which is very
convenient. They are both very sporty and take part in soccer, swimming and baseball.
It is important that you check that they have the correct sports gear with them in the mornings. They usually get home around 4pm and then it’s
time for homework. We enjoy having meals together
in the evening and telling each other about our day, so we would like you to join us for meals if you are happy to do so.
Lastly, we would help and encourage our au pair to get to know America.
There are many au pairs that live in our area, so meeting new friends should not be a problem. There is also a big mall with plenty of shops so there are plenty of places to go.
We look forward to meeting our next au pair.

Trenton,New Jersey - The Smith Family

We’ve had Au Pairs in our family for the past 5 years and look forward to meeting our new family member.
I’m a single host dad with two lovely little
girls. We live in a city called Trenton in the state of New Jersey.
Trenton is a lovely city with a lot of history, great if you love exploring. There are Universities in the area that will offer many courses of interest, as well as shopping malls, the movie theatre and restaurants.
I work for a historical society and my primary goal is to mark historical sites and help preserve national landmarks around the Trenton area. I’m a history fanatic and enjoy my job very much. My daughters,8 and 10, have different personalities but are both very sweet. They enjoy going to school but struggle to get up in the mornings.
They both go to after school activities at the local sports center.
We live in a 4 bedroom home which is quite spacious and has very nice views.
You will have your own room with a view that overlooks the big garden. You will also have your own bathroom and an automatic car to use in your freetime.
I am quite strict when it comes to rules so I like the girls to follow all the rules I set in the house, such as keeping the house tidy and cleaning up after them.
You will not have to do any household chores, simply just tidying up after yourself and the girls. You should also be a role model for them when itcomes to following the rules as I’d like them to grow up into respectful young ladies.
We enjoy spending time together as a family and would very much like you to feel part of it. We’ve always had a great relationship with our Au Pair and hope that you will enjoy your time with us.


The Blair Family – Manhattan, NY

Dear Au pair,

Welcome to the Blair family. We are a small family of 3 which includes me (Maya, 34) and my twin sons Jordan and Owen who are 6. We live in
an apartment building in Upper West Side Manhattan, New York.
My husband passed away 3 years ago when the boys were quite small but they understand and have come to terms with it. I am an attorney and I
work in New York City.
I usually work late during the week but I’m always home to spend time with the boys on the weekends.
Jordan and Owen are both very active and enjoy doing fun activities like playing games, drawing or painting,dressing up like action heroes and saving the day. They also enjoy reading about adventures and pretending to be characters from books or movies.
Our apartment is quite big with loads of space and a nice sized room with an en-suite for our au pair. We’re not far from Riverside Park which is great to take walks in or take the boys to the
There are loads of shops, restaurants and movie theatres nearby so you will have plenty to do in your free time. It’s also very easy to get to New York City via the subway which is just a few blocks away. There are a lot of au pair’s in our area so hopefully you should make loads of new friends and have people to meet up with when
you’re taking the boys out.
We would like our au pair to be
fun, friendly, responsible, caring and very active
as the boys love to play sports and run around.
They both play soccer on the school team and have practice 2 days a week after school.
You will need to pick them up from practice and from school during the week as I usually work
late in the evenings. You will also be responsible for preparing their dinner,
making sure their rooms are clean, the boys 'clothes washing and making sure they have everything ready for school in the morning.
We hope you will be the perfect au pair for us and we hope to meet you soon !

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